National African Language Resource Center

2018 NALRC Professional Development Registration

A two week NALRC intensive program that allow you to participate in professional development training focusing on the following themes:

a. Using Standards-Based, Thematically Organized, Backward Curriculum Design with Performance Assessment in the three Modes of Communication;

b. Integrating Language, Culture and Content in LCTL classroom

c. Training participants to create a Learner-Centered Classroom


All participants are required to pay a none refundable registration fees of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250).The NALRC will cover administration and instruction costs. However. Participants will be responsible for their accommodation and other expenses such as transportation, food and books and are encouraged to ask for support from their respective language or area studies programs to cover expenses that NALRC will not cover.

Modes of Application and Dates

Applicants should submit:

a). A letter of Application by filling the form form below

b). Supporting documents for the 2018 Second language acquisition Workshop which include:

i) A Resume

ii) Statement of Purpose. 

ii) Two letters of recommendation indicating the importance of the training for the applicant. Send the following link to the supervisor to fill on your behalf for this purpose.

Note: One of the letters must be from the executive officer of the applicant's home department or African studies program or the Program’s Language Coordinator. The deadline for the application submission is December 20, 2017. And all supporting document must be turned in by December 30, 2017.

Personal Information

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Briefly state in English why you are interested in participating in this program and what you hope to gain from the experience?

School Information

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Language Teaching & Coordinating Experience (Please list Schools and dates):
Courses Taught:

For International Participants Only

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