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ACTFL 2015 Conference Report

The ACTFL Convention is an international event bringing together more than 6,000 language educators from all languages, levels and assignments. Be a part of our global community. Dr. Antonia Schleicher and John O. Adeika represented the National African Language Resource Center (NALRC) at the 2015 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Annual Convention and World Languages Expo, which was held on November 20-22, 2015 at San Diego, California  (Pre-convention workshops, November 19).

Arrival and Set-Up

For the fourth year in a row, all Language Resource Centers shared exhibitor space due to the reduced funding all units are operating under. This year, NALRC shared booth with other LRC Centers. For its share of promotional materials being displayed, the NALRC brought hardcopies of the latest edition of ULIMI (the annual news bulletin), the newly developed brochures (Bamileke, Berber, Bassa, Chokwe, Ebira,Sepedi, etc about sixteen of them. Other old material resources were also show cased.

Booth Visitors and Dissemination

During the conference, the attendees and visitors, mostly foreign language teachers and scholars, visiting the LRC booths were excited as they listen to the mission and scope of the NALRC work and its achievements. Many visitors were very interested in the work that NALRC does and picked up some of the brochures. A number of them also bought some of our language resource materials at a conference discounted rate. The most spectacular thing about this year's NALRC exhibition booth is the overwhelming expression of "WOW, Great, Wonderful. Keep it up, Where have you been?, etc "  when they come around to the center's booth. In short, we had a lot of traffic in flow to our both and people their total satisfaction with NALRC works.

Overall, networking with other LRCs, language scholars, and enthusiasts made this trip another successful outreach experience.


NARLC presence at the conference was felt as the center was able to enhance the existent network and new bonds and collaboration were formed particularly for the development of more other African Language instruction materials. It was another successful ACTFL conference, and the center is already looking forward to the 2016 ACTFL Convention to be held in Boston from November 18-20, 2016.