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ACTFL 2010 Conference in Bouston Report

Antonia Schleicher, Isaac Akere, Nyasha Gwaza, and Akin Ogundeji represented the National African Language Resource Center (NALRC) at the 2010 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) annual convention and world languages expo, which was held at Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Hotel, Boston, MA from November 19 – 21. The theme of this year’s convention was Languages: Gateway to Global Communities. Schleicher attended the ACTFL Board of Directors on Monday November 15th to Wednesday November 17th.  She also attended the ACTFL Delegate Assembly meeting on November 18th.

The NALRC booth was strategically located, as it was not too far from the entrance and right on one of the major aisles in the exhibition hall. The location, the arrays of materials and colorful banners displaying the names of the Center and affiliating organizations (ALTA and NCOLCTL) attracted many visitors and conference attendees to the NALRC booth to learn more about our programs.

A good number of conference attendees and visitors, who are mostly foreign language teachers and scholars alike, visited our booth daily throughout the conference period.  NALRC staff also made it a point of duty to explain the objectives, achievements and future projects of the Center to all the visitors.  Most of the visitors took some of our African language brochures to use in their Social Studies classrooms to teach about African languages and cultures, while some asked for particular materials needed for their classrooms.

This year’s conference was a huge success and the NALRC is already looking forward to the next one, coming up in November 2011 in Denver, Colorado.