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African Studies Association

ASA encourages the production and dissemination of knowledge about Africa, past and present. Based in the United States, the ASA supports understanding of an entire continent in each facet of its political, economic, social, cultural, artistic, scientific, and environmental landscape. Our members include scholars, students, teachers, activists, development professionals, policymakers and donors. We:

  • Provide Access to path-breaking research and key debates in African Studies
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges with African scholars and institutions
  • Publish high quality research on Africa
  • Foster networks of Africanist scholars and practitioners through our Annual Meeting and other forums
  • Address the challenges faced by universities engaged in research, teaching and outreach related to Africa
  • Broaden professional opportunities in African issues
  • Promote an informed understanding of Africa through schools, policymakers, NGOs, media, business, learned societies, and other interested communities