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ASA 2014 Conference Report

The 57th Annual African Studies Association (ASA) was held from November 20-23, 2014 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. The theme of the conference was “Rethinking Violence, Reconstruction, and Reconciliation”. The National African Language Resource Center (NALRC) was represented by Joyce Nyakato and Victor Alabi. At the conference, NALRC displayed its publications and materials including various African language textbooks, multimedia materials, different African language brochures, annual newsletters and NCOLCTL and ALTA 2015 April conference posters.

Most visitors picked up the language brochures of their interest; some collected bundles of them to introduce the languages to students at their universities. Many language instructors appreciated the efforts of the NALRC to promote African languages. The exhibitors encouraged those language instructors who are interested in developing language materials for African languages or those who can suggest other people for the task to contact NALRC.

Booth Visitors and Dissemination

During the conference, the attendees and visitors, mostly African language teachers and scholars, visiting the LRC booths were excited as they listen to the mission and scope of the NALRC work and its achievements. Many visitors were very interested in the work that NALRC does and picked up some of the brochures. A number of them also bought some of our language resource materials at a conference at a conference discount rate.

The conference was a huge success in terms of disseminating information about the activities of the NALRC to a wider range of scholars from all areas of African Studies such as African literature, Afro-American literature, and Cultural studies. The conference was also helpful in that the NALRC could directly hear about the needs regarding the studying of African Languages.


The NALRC’s efforts in making language resources available to the language scholars in the United States were highly commended by the visitors. Some of the highlights of NALRC’s report at the conference was its annual professional development programs and also materials produced by the center. The 58th annual conference is scheduled for November 19-22, 2015.