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The 50th African Studies Association Annual Conference

Matthew H. Brown and Kehinde Omosebi represented the National African Language Resource Center at the 50th African Studies Association annual conference, held in beautiful downtown New York City at the Sheraton hotel from October 18-21, 2007. This year's conference theme of "21st Century Africa: Evolving Conceptions of Human Rights" struck a chord with the NALRC's commitment to connecting the world to Africa through languages

Matthew and Kehinde arrived in New York late Wednesday, the17th and set up the NALRC display booth early Thursday morning, the first day of the conference. The eye-catching brochures and the "Let's Speak" and "Let's Read" textbook series were on display, including the new titles: "Ngativerenge Shona," "Tusome Kiswahili," Af Soomali Aan Ku Hadalno," and the "Wolof Lexicon and Grammar." The "Learners' Reference Grammar" series and all of out organizational journals were also on hand.

The items on display included:

A Re Bueng Setswana (Let's Speak Setswana) 
Af Soomaali Aan Ku Hadalno (Let's Speak Somali) 
Amharic Learners' Reference Grammar 
Asante-Twi Learners' Reference Grammar 
Bamanakan Learners' Reference Grammar 
Dardasha Egyptian Arabic and CD (Let's Speak Egyptian Arabic) 
Fliers for NALRC publications 
JALTA Vol. 6-7 
Je Ka Ka Yoruba CDROM 
Je Ka Ka Yoruba Textbook 
Je Ka So Yoruba CDROM 
Je Ka So Yoruba Textbook 
Journal of NCOLCTL Vol. 1-3 
Language Brochures

Acholi, Amharic, Arabic, Bamana, Bemba, Chichewa, Hausa, Igbo, Isixhosa, Kikongo, Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, Kpelle, Krio, Lingala, Luganda, Malagasy, Mende, Ndebele, Oromo, Pulaar, Sesotho, Setswana, Shona, Somali, Swahili, Temne, Tigrinya, Twi, Wolof, Yoruba, Zulu 

Learn African Languages Poster 
Let's Speak Amharic 
Ma Yenka Akan (Twi) (Let's Speak Akan) 
Masikhulume IsiZulu (Let's Speak Zulu) 
Mwalimu wa Kiswahili 
NALRC Brochures 
NALRC T-shirts 
NCOLCTL 2008 Posters 
Ngatitaure Shona (Let's Speak Shona) 
Ngativerenge Shona (Let's Read Shona) 
Pens of different colors 
Pulaar Learners' Reference Grammar 
Role Play Cards 
Shona Learners' Reference Grammar 
The Pedagogy of African Languages 
Tosolola na Lingala (Let's Speak Lingala) 
Tuseme Kiswahili and CD (Let's Speak Swahili) 
Tusome Kiswahili (Let's Read Swahili) 
ULIMI Fall 2006 Bulletin 
Zulu Learners' Reference Grammar

Each day, Matthew and Omosebi had the opportunity to speak with the hundreds of professors, researchers, and scholars that filtered through the exhibition hall. Comments ranged from astonishment at the number of language materials produced, to excitement over producing new materials for the NALRC, to welcomed critiques on how the NALRC might improve the quality of publications. Many conference goers interested in the recent activities of the NALRC took a copy of the ULIMI (the NALRC bulletin) and language brochures.

Only Matthew had the opportunity to attend a few panels throughout the conference. The conference was a huge success, and the NALRC looks forward to attending the upcoming 51st African Studies Association annual conference next year in Chicago.