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ASA 2011 Conference Report

National African Language Resource Center was represented by John O. Adeika at the 54th African Studies Association annual conference, held in Washington D.C. at the Marriott hotel from November 16-19, 2011. The conference was captioned as "50 Years of African Liberation".

Arrival and Set-Up

The NALRC representative arrived at the venue on Wednesday, the 16th and set up the NALRC display booth that very day. NALRC publications and materials displayed include: brochures, the "Let's Speak”, “Let's Read”, and “Let’s communicate” series textbooks, the Wolof Lexicon and Grammar textbook, the "Learners' Reference Grammar" series textbooks and some of the organizational journals.

The NALRC booth was conspicuously marked with our center’s banner and the NCOLCTL/ALTA 2012 Conference poster. Other items on display included but were not limited to the following:

Textbooks and Multimedia Materials

Natulande iciBemba (Let’s Speak iciBemba) 
Ka Anyị Sụọ Igbo (Let’s Speak Igbo)
Tiyankhule ChiChewa (Let’s Speak Chichewa)
Asikhulume SiSwati (Let’s Speak SiSwati)
Asikhulume IsiNdebele (Let’s Speak IsiNdebele)
A Re Bueng Setswana (Let's Speak Setswana) 
Af Soomaali Aan Ku Hadalno (Let's Speak Somali) 
Amharic Learners' Reference Grammar 
Asante-Twi Learners' Reference Grammar 
Bamanakan Learners' Reference Grammar 

Dardasha Egyptian Arabic textbook (Let's Speak Egyptian Arabic) 
Let's Speak Amharic
Ma Yenka Akan (Twi) (Let's Speak Akan) 
Masikhulume IsiZulu (Let's Speak Zulu) 
Mwalimu wa Kiswahili 
Ngatitaure Shona (Let's Speak Shona) 
Ngativerenge Shona (Let's Read Shona) 
Pulaar Learners' Reference Grammar 
Shona Learners' Reference Grammar 
The Pedagogy of African Languages 
Tosolola na Lingala (Let's Speak Lingala) 
Tuseme Kiswahili textbook (Let's Speak Swahili) 
Tusome Kiswahili (Let's Read Swahili)

Zulu Learners' Reference Grammar 

Multimedia Materials

Vocabulary Flash Cards Multimedia CD-ROM
Let’s Speak series Companion CD ROM
Let’s Read  series companion CD ROM
Language Multimedia CD ROM

Language Brochures

Acholi, Amharic, Arabic, Bamana, Bemba, Chichewa, Hausa, Igbo, Isixhosa, Kikongo, Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, Kpelle, Krio, Lingala, Luganda, Malagasy, Mende, Ndebele, Oromo, Pulaar, Sesotho, Setswana, Shona, Somali, Swahili, Temne, Tigrinya, Twi, Wolof, Yoruba, Zulu etc.


  • ULIMI Fall 2011 Bulletin 
  • NALRC Brochures 
  • NCOLCTL 2012 Conference posters
  • ALTA 2012 Conference poster
  • NALRC Souvenir pens of different colors 
  • Role Play Cards

Booth Visitors: The NALRC booth experienced remarkable traffic during the conference. We had over one hundred participants. All of them without exception commended NALRC’s efforts in making language resources available to the language scholars in the United States. Some of them indicated their intensions to help in publishing more brochures and textbooks that is not yet available. Their names and area of interest have been compiled and attached with this report. 

Dissemination: Conferences are one of the focal points for the dissemination of the NALRC annual bulletin that is available in printed copies, online and downloadable forms. During this conference, over two hundred copies of the bulletin were distributed to the booth visitors and the conference participants in general. Every booth visitor was given a copy of the bulletin and a pen. 

Contacts: Contacts were made with some of the scholars that attended the conference for collaboration in the production of language learning resource materials. These are scholars who indicated their interest in further production and distribution of language resources.

Meeting Attended: The LRC Directors’ meeting and the ASA Board of Director plenary meeting was attended on the behalf of the NALRC Director on November 17 and 18 respectively. The ASA stand on military grants was discussed extensively in the two meetings. The final decision was made at the plenary meeting, where it was reinstated that ASA members should abstain completely from any form of military grant which stands to jeopardize African unity.

Conclusion: The next ASA conference titled “Research Frontiers in the Study of Africa,” which will be the 55th Annual Meeting, is slated to be held on November 29 - December 1, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA.