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2011 Summer Institute

The NALRC hosted the 12thAnnual Summer Institute this year from May 23rdto June 3rdat the University of Wisconsin Madison. The goal of the two week program was to build the teaching skills of the participants in each of their specific African Languages. The program centered on both theoretical instruction as well as practical instruction in which the participants actively taught the entire class mini-lessons of their languages. Both aspects of the workshop were geared towards making the participants better teachers with strong second language acquisition teaching practices. The topics covered in the two week program were:  

Teaching the skills of speaking and listening in the African Language classroom

Teaching the skills of writing and reading in the African Language classroom

Testing and assessing the four skills in the African Language classroom

Lesson planning and classroom management

There were a total of 19 participants drawn from across the United States and Africa in this year’s summer institute. The languages that were represented included Akan Twi, Swahili, Sesotho, Wolof, Yoruba, Somali, Urhobo, and Zulu. The participants were privileged to have Steve Timm and Joe Nosek from the University of Wisconsin Madison’s English as a Second Language Department as their instructors. Both instructors have been involved in the institute for several years were thrilled to be able to participate in the institute again this year.

Throughout the institute, the participants were introduced to different ways of teaching and imparting speaking and listening skills to their students. Steve Timm demonstrated how to teach the communicative approach in language learning by presenting an Italian lesson to the participants. His lesson was adopted as the model for each of the participants to follow as they presented mini-lessons of their languages to all the other participants.  Joe Nosek introduced to the participants how to teach reading and writing skills, as well as grammar, in a fun and non-threading way. The institute also taught the participants how to create syllabi for their classes, and how they should prepare tests for the students.

An awards ceremony was held in Bascom Hall on the night of June 3rd, 2011 which was attended by several invited guests. After opening remarks from Professor Schleicher, the Director of the NALRC and Professor of African Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin Madison, and Professor Dustin Cowell, Chair of the Department of African Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin Madison,  the ceremony began with some cultural performances from the participants. The performances were from the languages of Zulu, Akan-Twi, Swahili, Yoruba, Urhobo, Sesotho, and Wolof. The instructors, Joe and Steve, also gave performances. Joe performed a highly skilled routine on the harmonica, and Steve gave a tribute to his students in a poem he composed for the occasion. The participants of the institute itself came up and gave reflections on their experiences over the two weeks of the program. All speakers emphasized how grateful they were to be there, and how much they had learned from the institute. Then Steve and Joe took the stage yet again to give a comical demonstration of what they learned from the participants.

Finally Professor Jaques du Plessis, Professor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and Professor Dustin Cowell presented the participants with their certificates. Closing remarks and thanks were given by Thulani John Mbuli, a member of the Summer Institute. He thanked the Professor and all the staff of the NALRC for the wonderful opportunity given to him.

The following fellows received certificates of completion from the NALRC Summer Institute:

Emoubonuvie M. Ajiboye - Delta State University- Urhobo

Peter Mwangi - St. Lawrence University- Swahili

Thelma Tshesane - University of Witwatersrand-Sesotho

Ablaye Diakite - Boston University- Wolof

Galen Sibanda - Stanford University- Zulu

Barbara Tetteh - University of Ghana-Ga/Akan Twi

Bongani Mbatha - University of Wisconsin Madison- Zulu

Samuel Kofi Darkwa - University of Wisconsin Madison- Akan Twi

Adeola Agoke - University of Wisconsin Madison-Yoruba

Mor Gueye - University of Illinois, U-C-Wolof

Mbhekiseni Madela - University of Illinois, U-C-Zulu

Filipo Lubua - University of Wisconsin Madison-Swahili

Jennifer Rosenbush - Boston University-Zulu

Thulani John Mbuli - University of Zululand- Zulu

Ntandoni Gloria Biyela - University of Zululand-Zulu

Oumar Ba - University of Florida-Wolof

Lincoln Zamokwakhe Khumalo- University of Zululand- Zulu

Omar Hashi - University of Florida - Somali

Memories in FLASH may be found HERE