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2012 NALRC Summer Institute

The NALRC held its annual Summer Institute program from May 21st-June 1st, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin.  The institute was an intensive two week training session for professors and educators of African languages from all over the world.  The institute focused on applying field-tested and proven second language acquisition techniques to the field of African language pedagogy.  The instructors, Steve Timm and Joe Nosek, brought invaluable experience to the program from their extensive work as teachers in the field of English as a second language.  Steve Timm used Italian as an example language, and gave the class several lessons in basic Italian to demonstrate different teaching techniques and exercises. 

Each program participant subsequently had several opportunities to conduct mini-lessons in their own respective target languages to practice and employ the techniques being taught in the class.  They then had the opportunity to receive feedback and constructive criticism from the program participants, many of whom were learning these languages for the first time.  Nearly all of the participants noticed highly noteworthy improvement and achievement in their teaching throughout the course of the program.  The opportunity for collaboration and group discussion was invaluable to the participants over the course of the two weeks they spent in Madison.  The institute concluded with an awards ceremony on June 1st, 2012 in Bascom Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The ceremony included African music, cultural performances by the program participants, reflections on their experiences, and a special presentation by the instructors to honor the participants and commend them for all of their hard work.  The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by Professor Antonia Schleicher, director of the National African Languages Resource Center, and a dinner.

The following fellows received certificates of completion from the NALRC Summer Institute:

Oluwabunmi Opeyemi Oyebode - Obafemi Awolowo University -Yoruba

Judith Namayengo – University of Wisconsin – Madison - Swahili

Emmanuel Amo Ofori – University of Florida – Gainesville – Akan/Twi

Taiwo Aderemi Olunlade ­– Lagos State University - Yoruba

Brenda Wawire ­– University of Mississippi - Swahili

Onibon Nosiru O. – Lagos State University - Arabic

John Muchira – University of Mississippi - Swahili

Makda Weatherspoon – Cornell University - Arabic

Mustapha Hashim Kurfi – Boston University - Hausa

Philothe Kabasele Mwamba – University of Illinois – U-C – Swahili/Lingala

Hicham Assaoui – University of Arizona - Arabic

Oladipupo Oyeleye – University of Wisconsin – Madison - Yoruba

Chifundo Colleta Zimba Muyombe – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill -Chichewa

Moradeke Aderibigbe Abimbola – University of Georgia – Athens –Yoruba