National African Language Resource Center


Advisory Board

National Advisory Board


Richard Brecht
Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Study of Language
University of Maryland


Samuel Obeng
Professor of Linguistics and Director,
African Studies Program,
Indiana University, Bloomington.


Audrey Mbeje
Lecturer in foreign Languages and Director,
African Language Program,
University of Pennsylvania.


Ray Clifford
Associate Dean and Director,
Center of Language studies
Brigham Young University - Utah.


Wafa Hassan

Arabic Director,
Global Educational Excellence.


Local Advisory Board


Robert Botne

Chair Dept. of Linguistics
Indiana University Bloomington-Indiana.


John Hanson
Chair African Studies Program

Indiana University Bloomington-Indiana.

Alwiya Omar
African Languages Co-ordinator

Indiana University Bloomington-Indiana.

David Stringer
Second Language Studies
Indiana University Bloomington-Indiana.


Martha Nyikos
Curriculum and Instruction,
Indiana University Bloomington-Indiana.


Antonia Schleicher

Director, NALRC (Ex. Officio)
Indiana University Bloomington-Indiana


John O Adeika

Assitant Director, NALRC (Ex. Officio)
Indiana University Bloomington-Indiana





Field Advisory Board


Antonia Schleicher
Professor of African Language and Literature,
University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Eyamba Bokamba
Professor of African Languages and Linguistics
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


Esther Lisanza
African Studies Department,
Winston-Salem State University, Wisten-Salem- North Carolina.


Amadou Beidy Sow
Lecturer, African Studies Department 
Indiana State University, Bloomington.


Fallou Ngom, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Anthropology,
Director of the African Language Program,
Boston University