National African Language Resource Center


NALRC is responsive, first and foremost, to the needs and interests of African language teachers and learners. Principles of collaboration, mutual respect, and shared responsibility govern all Center activities. Participation is voluntary. Everyone is welcome, regardless of institutional affiliation, geographical location, educational and professional background.  



Schedule: Set up an office hour and keep the hour. In case of unanticipated or unscheduled absence or tardiness, notify the Supervisor promptly or leave a voice mail message. Change of schedules should be discussed with Antonia Schleicher.


Vacation: Give notice as early as possible while requesting time off. The request for a long vacation (five or more consecutive days) should be approved by the supervisor prior to the scheduled vacation. Don’t book your flight before you notify your supervisor. This could affect the smooth running of the Center.


Phone: Personal long distance calls are not permitted. Personal local calls should be limited to those that cannot be made after work hours. You will be responsible for refund of any personal long distance call recorded on your phone. So be careful that outsiders do not use your phone to make long distance calls. Please do not spend office hours chatting on the phone.


Personal E-mails: Responding to personal emails or surfing the web during your office hours is the same as spending time making personal phone calls. Please do not spend your office hours to respond to personal emails. Do not spend your office hours to work on your assignments. Please wait until you are out of the office before responding to personal emails.


Supplies: Watch out for wastefulness. Recycle as much as possible. No use of office supplies for personal reason, i.e. no printing of schoolwork, homework etc. Please do not hold up any office computer for your schoolwork. There are lots of campus computers you can use for that.


Dress: Be professional, nice and casual. Please do not wear tank tops, extremely short shorts or any revealing clothes that can be offensive to your co-workers and people who visit the Center.