National African Language Resource Center

Material Development & Dissemination

In a bid to sustain and enable the effective teaching of African languages in the United States, the NALRC has published the following materials for use by both African language instructors and students.


Learners' Reference Grammar Series


The African Language Learners' Reference Series is written for speakers of English who are learning African languages. Since many language learners are not familiar with grammatical terminology used in their textbooks, the books in this series seek to explain the basic terminology and concepts of English grammar that are necessary for understanding the grammar of an African language. The primary objective of the African Languages Learners' Reference Grammar series is to provide language learners with grammar books that will supplement their textbooks. The books in this series assume no formal knowledge of English grammar and are written in easy to understand language. If you would like to develop similar materials for your respective African languages, please contact the NALRC.


Let's Speak Series

The Let's Speak an African Language series is the first series of communicatively oriented African language textbooks developed in the United states, and is based on the model of Je K'A So Yoruba (Let's Speak Yoruba) written by Antonia Folarin Schleicher in 1993. Based on the communicative approach to language learning, the series provides learners with activities that prompt them to perform functions that native speakers of these languages perform in their appropriate cultural contexts. The grammar and the vocabulary in the textbooks are tailor-made to help the learner perform appropriate functions. Authentic monologues and dialogues present real life situations within which learners can acquire the necessary listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. If you would like to develop similar materials for your respective African languages, please contact the NALRC.




The African Languages brochures are designed as brief but informative reference material on the speakers of the language, their history, culture and location, plus a list of where the language is taught in the U.S. A total of 75 brochures have been published. If you would like to help in the development of similar materials for your respective African languages, please contact the NALRC.

Other materials developed by the NALRC include:

Bilingual Dictionary

Instructional Technology Materials

African Language Role Play Cards

African Language Program Development and Administration


ULIMI The Bulletin of the National African Language Resource Center is published annually to disseminate information issued from the Center and covers topics of interest to African language teachers, learners and program administrators.




The clearing house for Out-of-Print African Language Learning Materials: Individual copies of selected out-of-print and institutional in-house materials are available at cost.





NALRC materials, like brochures and the Ulimi bulletin are distributed free of charge at conferences or can be mailed to individuals and centers upon request.


Orders for books and other instructional material can be made from NALRC via the online store.