National African Language Resource Center

National Coordination

The NALRC develops projects of national scope for the profession of African language teaching. Some of these projects are outlined below. Click on the links to view what we are doing.

a. African Language Program Inventory List: A web-based overview of African language programs and course offerings in the United States. As part of its National Coordination efforts, the NALRC maintains a list of all the African language programs in the U.S. This list is updated on a regular basis.


b. African Language Program Evaluators' List: The NALRC maintains a list of African language scholars who are willing to assist any African language program in evaluating an existing program or serve as a consultant to offer suggestions on how to start a new African language program. The center developed a book titled "African languages in U. S. colleges and universities: Program development and administration guidelines". 


c. African Language Coordinators' Training Programs: The NALRC offers training for African language coordinators. This workshop helps African language coordinators better understand their responsibilities and how they can better mentor or work with different African language instructors whose language they do not speak or understand. Please contact the NALRC office if your language coordinator needs such training.


d. African Language Resource List: The NALRC maintains a list of African language instructors, native speakers, scholars who are interested in serving as translators, interpreters, and testers for different government and non-government agencies. We continue to update this list, so please call or email the NALRC office if you are interested in joining this project.


e. African Language Material and Workshop Lists: A project to assess national needs in the field of African language teaching, and to recommend and implement projects to meet these needs. With suggestions from African language scholars and instructors, the NALRC maintains a list of material needs and workshop needs for African language instructors and learners. This list helps the NALRC in planning future material development projects as well as workshops and institutes. If you have any material or workshop need that you would like the NALRC to attend to, please send the information to the NALRC office. The NALRC is also constantly seeking African language scholars and instructors who are interested in developing any of the materials posted on the material need list or who are interested in leading one workshop or another for African language instructors. If you are interested in developing materials or leading a workshop for the NALRC, please feel free to call or email the NALRC office.


f. National African Language Proficiency Guidelines: A project to develop African language teaching and learning guidelines based upon national foreign language proficiency standards, as well as the goals of African language teachers and learners in the United States.