STARTALK  Summer Swahili Professional Development

Program July 13-24, 2009

The 2010 NCOLCTL Swahili STARTALK was held July 13-24, 2010. 10 Swahili Instructors were selected for the program. Nine were from several locations around the US and one was from Italy. The rst week of the program was an Online Teacher Training Course which covered numerous theoretical concepts. The participants took this portion of the course from their respective bases. Two weeks of the program were a resident component hosted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Three Master Teachers, Dr. Alwiya S. Omar, Dr. John Kiarie Wa Njogu and Dr. Antonia Schleicher conducted the intensive resident session. The rst few days covered an expansion of the concepts derived from the Online Portion of the program with the introduction of several professional concepts that make for effective teaching in the  African Languages. The rest of the time was devoted to develop practical skills for the participants directed to ensure they become effective and professional Swahili instructors. Volunteer non-Swahili  speaking students recruited from the University of Wisconsin-Madison were brought in the nal 6 days of the training to enable the participants to practically utilize the skills they had acquired. Each participant designed and prepared several teaching sessions that they demonstrated and taught the volunteer students. Much was learned and achieved judging from the feedback that was gathered from all involved.  The 10 participants commended the structure of the program and several pointed out how they were now well prepared and equipped to be more professional and effective teachers of Swahili.


The Participants

Christine Nyanda CHACHA, - University of California, Berkeley
Catherine CUTCHER, - Ohio University
Mary Kagure GATHOGO, - Ohio University
Michael Mwangi KARIUKI , - University of Kansas
Lydiah Kananu KIRAMBA, - University of Illinois
Leonora Anyango KIVUVA, - University of Pittsburgh
David Wambua KYEU, - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Martha Moraa MICHIEKA, - East Tennessee State University
Peter Nderitu MWANGI – Ohio University,
James G. NJOROGE, - University of California, Berkeley
Joseph OMWAMBA. - University of California, Berkeley

The Instructors

Antonia Folarin Schleicher, -  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alwiyar Saleh Omar, - University of Indiana-Bloomington
John Kiarie, Wa Njogu.- Yale UniversityAfrican Language


Swahili STARTALK Participants posing at the Award Ceremony Swahili STARTALK participants with their Students and Staff