Interviews and Other Evaluations

  • Interviewed by WORT on NALRC (September 1999)
  • Interviewed by Wisconsin Weekon NALRC (September 1999)
  • Interviewed by the MilwaukeeJournal Sentinel on NALRC(October 1999)
  • Interviewed by the DailyCardinal on Yoruba Tones andDrums (October 1999)
  • Consultant to LionbridgeCorporation in San Francisco,CA- Translating Data andChecking the LinguisticAccuracy of Data (2000)
  • Language Tester for theFederal Bureau of Investigation– Administering a LanguageProficiency Test in Yoruba toProspective FBI Job Applicants(2001)
  • Executive Director for theNational Council of LessCommonly Taught Languages(NCOLCTL) (2004)
  • Grant Proposals Reviewer forthe International Institute onEducation- Reviewing NationalSecurity Education ProgramProposals on Language Flagship(April 2008)

NRC and Program in African Language (PAL)Reviews

Review of the UW-Madison StudyAbroad Program in Cape Town,South Africa, and Stellenbock,South Africa


Consultancies of the Establishment and Evaluation of PALs

  • Consultant to Evanston HighSchool in Evanston, IL- Startingan African Language Programfor High School Students(October 2000)
  • Consultant to RutgersUniversity in New Brunswick,NJ - Developing a Viable Title VIAfrican Studies Program (2001)
  • Consultant to Fort ValleyUniversity in Fort Valley,GA- Evaluating Their AfricanLanguage and African StudiesPrograms (September 11 and12, 2003)
  • Consultant to the University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign-Evaluating Their Less CommonlyTaught Language Program(December 12, 2003)
  • External Evaluator for the SouthEast Asian Studies SummerInstitute (SEASSI) (August 2004)
  • External Evaluator for theUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign- Evaluating TheirAfrican Language Program(September 2004)
  • External Evaluator for theUniversity of Kansas inLawrence, KS- Evaluating TheirAfrican Language Program(September 2005)
  • External Evaluator for theSummer Cooperative AfricanLanguage Institute (SCALI) atIndiana University (July 2005,August 2006)
  • External Evaluator for CornellUniversity in Ithaca, NYEvaluatingTheir AfricanaStudies Center and AfricanLanguages Program (November2008)
  • External Evaluator for theUniversity of California-Berkeley- Evaluating TheirAfrican Studies Program (2008)
  • External Evaluator for theUniversity of California-LosAngeles- Evaluating TheirAfrican Studies Program (May2009)
  • Consultant to the NationalForeign Language Center(NFLC)- Developing an OnlineDatabase for Yoruba LanguageLearning and TeachingMaterials

Outreach Activities by NALRC’S Director

  • Organization of SummerAfrican Language Camps forK-12 in Kansas City, MO;Kansas City, KS; St. Louis, MO;Columbus, OH; Chicago, IL;Washington, D.C.; Boise, ID;New York, NY; (in conjunctionwith Dr. Olatande Soweminmo,2000)
  • Oral Proficiency InterviewTraining (2005)
  • Summer Cooperative AfricanLanguage Institute InstructorsWorkshop (2005)
  • Standard Based Measurementof Proficiency Workshop (2005-2006)
  • SCALI Instructors Workshop(2006-2007)
  • Standard/CurriculumDevelopment and EvaluationGuidelines (2006-2008)
  • Foreign Language TeachingAssistance (FLTA) Orientationand Workshop (2007-2009)
  • Ohio University LCTLProfessional DevelopmentTraining (2008)
  • Training for Teachers of LCTLsin South Africa (2008)
  • JNCL – NCLIS ExecutiveCommittee Meeting (2009)
  • UMD – NFLC STARTALKAdvisory Board (2009)
  • Teaching African LanguagesOnline Course (2009)
  • Overseas Flagship Trip toNigeria and Tanzania (2009-2010)
  • ACTFL Training Workshop(2010)
  • Training of Trainers’ Workshop(2010)
  • Summer Institute for AfricanLanguage Instructors (2000-2011)
  • Technology Workshop forAfrican Language Instructors(2009-2011)
  • NFLC Symposium (2011)
  • JNCL - ACTFL Board Meeting(2011)