National African Language Program Coordination

i. African Language Program Inventory List

The NALRC continues to upgrade the African language program inventory on a regular basis so that information about programs in African languages can be available to various universities and colleges that are planning to start their own African language programs. This list also helps individual language learners who are interested in learning African languages and who look for local institutions offering those language courses. This list has been kept up-to-date with the help of student workers at the NALRC and also individual institutions who contacted us to be added to the list. The latest list can be viewed on the NALRC website:

ii. African Language Pedagogy Evaluators’ List

The NALRC continues to compile a list of scholars who are willing to serve as consultants for new or existing African language programs. These experienced African language pedagogists assist the Center’s mission by evaluating existing African language programs and by helping to start new ones. These evaluators, and the program developers themselves, are provided with access to African Language Program Development and Administration: A History and Guidelines for Future Programs (2002).

iii. African Language Coordinators’ Training Programs

The NALRC trains African language coordinators through various types of workshops. These workshops aim to promote African language coordinators’ effectiveness in working with a wide variety of African language instructors. Usually language coordinators are requested to work with other African language instructors, whose language they may not speak or understand. These workshops teach the coordinators to work with instructors better and to mentor them more successfully. Many of the coordinators have had the opportunities to attend such workshops conducted by the NALRC at all the African Language Teachers Association (ALTA) conferences.


iv. African Language Resource List

The NALRC maintains a list of African language instructors, native speakers, and scholars who are interested in working as translators, interpreters, and testers for government and non-government agencies. This list is updated whenever the Center receives information about new resource people. Some of the members in this list are participants of the NALRC Summer Institute since year 2000, members of ALTA and individuals who registered at various conferences that the NALRC had booths at.

v.  African Language Materials and Workshop List

In order to satisfy the Center’s mission to provide the entire community of African language educators with teaching resources, the NALRC assesses the need for materials across the field of African language pedagogy. The Center has reviewed African language materials needs annually since its initial needs assessment in 1999. Part of this process includes gathering information about existing materials and workshops for African language instructors. These materials range from textbooks to audio and video tapes, web-based materials, and role-play cards. The catalog of existing materials and requests for new materials is critical to the material development and publication process at the NALRC.