The National African Language Resource Center was established in September 1999 with a grant from the U.S.Department of Education. The NALRC’s mission is to improve the accessibility of African languages in the UnitedStates by promoting and strengthening the African language teaching profession, and by developing resources thatsupport the teaching, learning, and research of African languages.The Center strives to serve the entire community of African language educators and learners in the United States bysponsoring a wide range of educational and professional activities designed to improve the accessibility and quality ofAfrican language instruction in the United States. It facilitates dialogue among teachers, learners, and administratorsfrom a wide variety of cultural and institutional perspectives. Further, the Center encourages a variety of pedagogicalapproaches to accommodate the diversity of learners and integrate the teaching of language and culture.During the twelfth year of funding, the Center continues its activities and services in the following areas:

1. National African Language Program Coordination

2. African Language Materials Development and Dissemination

3. Research in African Language Pedagogy

4. African Language Program Development, Administration, and Evaluation

5. Professional Development for African Language Educators, Coordinators,        and Directors.