African Language Material Development and Dissemination

The NALRC has placed a high priority on developing and disseminating African language materials because, in the field of African language teaching, the need for teaching materials is great. Through the tremendous efforts of diverse scholars and African language teachers, the NALRC has contributed to the development and dissemination of language teaching materials ranging from commonly taught African languages, such as Swahili, to less-commonly taught African languages like Somali. Through this grant period, the NALRC published ten Let’s Speak Series textbooks, two Let’s Read Series textbooks, seven Learners’ Reference Grammar textbooks, seven journals, three audio CD-ROM and 15 language flash card multimedia CD-ROM. In addition, the NALRC has completed 37 language brochures. The following is the list of all the African language materials that have been developed and published by the NALRC during this grant cycle.