Startalk  Reflection - Cali Owings

DSCN6414With almost no experience with Swahili language or African culture, I decided to volunteer for STARTALK because I literally had nothing to do all day long. Mel is a friend of mine from high school, and when she pointed out this opportunity, I thought it can’t be that bad and FREE LUNCH- awesome! While getting used to the mini-lessons and day-long learning were an adjustment, I’ve had fun every day learning Swahili. The classes were very interactive and I enjoyed seeing the different teaching styles from our instructors.


Even though I like learning, the hour-long lunch breaks have been my favorite part of the day. Getting to know the instructors has been the most valuable part of this learning experience. During our first lunch hour I was very shy and nervous, but I have opened up throughout the week. We had so much fun sharing stories and experiences over lunch, and I think that’s the greatest part of this program. It really brings people together and provided an opportunity for me to meet people I could never have met otherwise, since we’re all from different places.


I wish all the instructors good luck in whatever they pursue next, they have been great teachers this week and I know they will do well in the future, as well as do a shout out to all the students I've met, and thank your office for putting on this program.