Reflection - Geofred Osoro

I have enjoyed this program because it has been enlightening. Through this course I have learned to appreciate the use of communicative methods of teaching. Though I had heard and tried to use the theory in the past, I was still not very proficient in using it yet.DSCN6470 In my experience as an instructor of Swahili I have always wanted to know how I could effectively facilitate student learning. Through this training I have learned how to design a student centered and goal oriented syllabus, focusing on the communicative approach. I now know how to put the communicative theory into practice. I thus feel that I have expanded my knowledge of foreign language teaching.




I have also learned how to prepare a highly organized lesson with communicative goals in mind, as well as make effective use of technology and other teaching materials such as the white board, visuals, and handouts. In addition I learned how to get students actively involved. From taking this training I now understand how to apply the theory of the communicative approach to language teaching and from now on I will be using communicative methods in my classes.


The online course was great. I learned a lot, especially from the video presentations, interviews and other course materials. The student and professor reflections helped me to understand not only the experiences of other professors but also the expectations as well as the variety of the needs of students. Teaching a foreign language to second language learners is not the same as teaching it to native speakers. The theory of backward design and oral proficiency interview (OPI) were eye-opening as well.


The training has also helped me understand myself better. It taught me skills I will take with me to my future teaching. The sense of community established right from the first day of the residential program has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. I would recommend that all African language teachers in the USA be required to go through this kind of training. Thank you to all who were involved in making the program a success.