Star Reflection - Kelly Moses

DSCN6428This past week has been a rewarding experience. Going into it, I was not sure how much could be accomplished within what boiled down to four days. How much meaningful material can be covered and understood within such a short time? As it turns out, it is quite a lot. It is amazing that within one week, the teachers were able to impart so much. Even though none of the students had any background knowledge of Swahili, the teachers were able to convey most of the meaning in their lessons without the use of English.



Their lessons started with simple concepts, and as the week went on, the teachers gradually progressed to more complex ideas. This was accomplished by incorporating each new lesson with pieces of previous lessons, using what the students had already learned as building blocks for new material. This method was extremely effective at demonstrating patterns in sentence structure and grammar. The juxtaposition between the old material, from past lessons, and new material, provided clear explanations of grammar rules.


All of this was done without having to consciously focus on or explain the rules themselves. Simply seeing and hearing these patterns, through role plays, songs, etc., was enough for things to ‘click.’

For the students, this was a unique opportunity to learn something new. But it was something to witness the presenters refine their teaching techniques as the week went on. It was clear from day one that every one of them has a passion for teaching Swahili. By the end, you could see the teachers using that passion in the most effective way.