Technology Workshop Reflection - Adeola Agoke

award_nite_286I am delighted to be one of the participants of the Summer Institute organized by the NALRC. As a matterof fact, I am privileged to be an FLTA at UW-Madisonand more importantly, to have the Director of theNALRC, Professor Antonia Schleicher, as my supervisor.


The two weeks spent was an intensive training time that really made me, and I believe my other colleagues, seasoned foreign language instructors. Isee the coming together of various foreign language instructors as a pool of ideas that exposes us to different ways of foreign language teaching. It was indeed an opportunity to learn from one another. For instance, all of us in one way or the other spoke about eight different languages, though at the novice level. Joe said when he walked with his dog in the evening he found himself saying different things in different languages. This shows that learning was not restricted to the participants only, but also to the instructors.

Big thanks to our instructors Steve and Joe, you did not only teach us how to go about it – you modeled foreign language teaching. We literally saw how tomake foreign language teaching real fun. Besides,you were able to introduce us to different kinds of approaches and methodologies that make the classmore creative, more productive, and very learner centered.I am so grateful; thank you John and Steve.


I really appreciate all the NALRC staff members fortheir dedication and commitment; they are always very available to help at all times. Ithipol, Melinda, John Adeika, Akin Ogundeji, and my dear Professor AntoniaSchleicher- thank you so much. I will at this juncture commend the effort of the organizer for providing us with lunch. It was quite helpful to the success of the program; at least we know some food will be served by midday. We want more of this.

Thank you so much.