Vote of Thanks

by Said Hannouchi

award nite 086Dr. Schleicher, Dr. Cowell, Dr. du Plessis, Joe, Steve,my fellow colleagues, good evening. It is wonderful to be together again at the NALRC this eveningto celebrate and reflect on how much has been accomplished over the four days of the Technology Workshop. I have always been eager to learn how to incorporate technology in my classroom. I knew how to use the usual technologies such as PowerPoint, video, cassettes…. but I did not know how to create animation videos.


Language pedagogy is dynamic and we, as teachers, need to be the first to realize it. Through technology we can be ahead of the game. The reason for me to participate in this workshop has been driven by two important points. First, we, as language teachers, need to speak the students’ language. Our students have been raised using computers, cell phones, and iPods that are used to make information colorful and alive.They are comfortable with this sort of media. This is what I mean by the students’ language. Second, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? Electronic media allows the teacher to move beyond words and images. In theTechnology Workshop, we learned how to use the PREZI program, “Jing,”  and Audacity. A combination of these programs helped us to create an animated video, which makes language come alive for our students.


My friends, great thanks to our instructor Professordu Plessis for his flexibility, sense of humor, and dedication. In conclusion, I would like to thank everybody who contributes from near or far to make this Technology Workshop successful. In particular, I would like to thank Dr. Schleicher and her team for their hard work and dedication.