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Let's Speak Series

The Let’s Speak An African Language series is the first series of Communicatively Oriented African language textbooks developed in the United States. The series is based on the model of Jẹ́ K’ Á Sọ Yorùbá (Let’s Speak Yoruba) written by Antonia Folarin Schleicher in 1993. The need for the series arose to fill the gap of providing African language learners with not only up to date materials, but also materials that will prepare them to truly communicate in their respective African languages.In this Series


Let's Read Series

The series is based on the Communicative Approach to language learning in the sense that learners are provided with activities that will help them to perform functions that native speakers of these languages perform in their appropriate cultural contexts. The grammars and the vocabulary in the textbooks are those that will help the learners to perform appropriate functions. The monologues and the dialogues are authentic in the sense that they present real life situations. The activities in the texts are also tailored to assist learners in acquiring the necessary skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In this Series


Let's communicate Series

A series such as this depends on the vision, goodwill and labor of many. Special appreciation is extended to the U.S. Department of Education’s IEGPS (International and Education and Graduate Programs Service), the NALRC staff, the three anonymous reviewers, the NALRC Advisory Board members, as well as various individuals who support the efforts of the NALRC in promoting African language pedagogy nationally and internationally. Without the support, advice and assistance of all, the Let’s Speak African Language Series would not have become a reality.In this Series

Reference Grammar

These are series of African Language Learners' Reference Grammar NALRC presents. This book exposes learners of this language to the basic grammatical terms in the target Language as well as clauses and sentences. By providing review of English grammar with explanations of comparable target Language structures. This book enables English speakers to access target language easily.In this Series


Bilingual Dictionary

The dictionary contains over 8,000 entries. This number would have increased twenty times if the nominal and verbal suffixes had been added to each entry. The research and the work that led to this dictionary started several years ago. It involved a comprehensive and intensive study of the Target Language texts and songs. The dictionary also contains scientific words. It can therefore be stated that this dictionary is today one of the most accessible and the most comprehensive on the market.In this Series


Multimedia Materials

This is s set of African Language Vocabulary Flash Cards targets Foreign speakers who are learning African language(s). This CD-ROM provides a unique way of learning common nouns from six different categories: household items, classroom items, kitchen items, animals and birds, clothing, and professions. In total, it deals with around 150-175 words. Each word is pronounced by a native speaker so that the learner can learn the vocabulary and its pronunciation at the same time. In this Series