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Kọ́lá Owólabí, Àrìnpé Adéjùmọ, Báyọ Adékọlá, Oyè Táíwò, Adéṣọlá Ọlátẹjú, Harrison Adéníyí


JẸ́KÁ BÁRA WA SỌ̀RỌ̀ NÍ YORÙBÁ (2015) is designed to develop the linguistic and communicative skills of learners of Yorùbá. This will help them to have a balanced, funcional knowledge of linguistic structures and a sound vocabulary, as well as the ability to use their skills appropriately in real life situations. The book also encourages students to be systematically involved in activities requiring the communicative use of all four language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Culture and language are integrated in the book in a way to enable students to achieve both linguistic competence and cultural awareness.


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Jẹ́ Ká Bára Wa Sọ̀rọ̀ ní Yorùbá (2015)

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NALRC mission is to serve the entire community of African language educators and learners in the United States by sponsoring a wide range of educational and professional activities designed to improve the accessibility and quality of African language instruction in the United States and the World at large.

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