Professional Development


The IU LCTL STARTALK Professional Development Program is a three-week program for prospective and new teachers of one or more Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) at the K-16 level

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Summer Institute for African Language Instructors

NALRC organizes an annual intensive summer institute for African language scholars and instructors. Funding is available for selected participants to attend on a competitive basis. Those who are not selected can still attend with support from their language programs. These institutes are led by experienced African language pedagogists or general language pedagogists and they serve as pre-service or in-service development programs for instructors.

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Training of Trainers

This two-week program is designed for languages teachers to develop leadership skills, curriculum, lesson plans and to participate in profesional activites with other foreign language instructors.

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Local Workshops

A program can request a separate local workshop for its instructors. Please contact us for pricing and other information.