Pedagogy Research Workshop

The NALRC is pleased to present its inaugural Pedagogy Research Workshop.

The week-long summer workshop is designed for African language instructors who are interested in research on African language pedagogy.

This workshop is free and open to all current or future instructors of African languages, such as faculty, instructors at HBCUs, MSIs, CCs, graduate students, and allied professionals outside of the university settings.

This workshop will present participants with selected topics in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) theory, experimental designs, data collection methodologies, approaches to analysis, etc., with respect to the pedagogy of African languages.

2022 Program Dates:

May 30-June 3, 2023

  • The workshop will also promote action research that will guide practicing instructors to study the effects of pedagogy in real classrooms.
  • Workshop participants will be guided to collaborate, share their research at conferences, and publish in peer-review journals.
  • NALRC will follow up the workshops by creating a Special Interest Group (SIG) in ACTFL for successful participants to continue to share their research progress.
  • NALRC will highlight successful projects in NARLC publications
  • NALRC intends to work with successful participants to seek available funding support for their research.