Teaching + Learning Resources

Resources for Teaching and Learning

In a bid to sustain and enable the effective teaching of African languages in the United States, the NALRC has created the following materials for use by both African language instructors and students. If you would like to develop similar materials for your respective African languages, please contact us.


The African Languages brochures are brief, but informative reference materials based on the speakers of the language, their history, culture, geography, and location of languages taught in the U.S. for a total of 75 published brochures. View the Brochures

Textbooks and Multimedia

The NALRC in collaboration with African language scholars and instructors have published a variety of texbooks, multimedia, and other learning materials for African language learners. Learn more

ULIMI Newsletter

The ULIMI Newsletter is published annually to disseminate information issued from the Center and covers topics of interest to African language teachers, learners, and program administrators. Learn more