Additional Learning Materials

Additional Learning Materials

To supplement and support student learning we have created additional African language learning materials.

African Language Program Development and Administration: A History and Guidelines for Future Programs

The African Languages in U.S. Colleges and Universities series is written to guide those who are planning to start an African Language Program. They are also valuable to those who want to enhance existing language programs. The book Program Development and Administration is the first in this series and it begins by giving a detailed definition of what is meant by Program in African Languages (PALs). IT points out that offering one or two AFrican languages once in a while does not constitute having a PAL. The book also gives a detailed historical background of how African language programs began in the U.S. It enumerates the different activities that had contributed to the existence of lots of the current PALs.

Soft-cover: $20

African Language Role Play Cards

African Language Role Play Cards are intended to provide task-based role play situations for teaching and testing proficiency in African languages. They are composed of blue, orange, and yellow cards, with each color indicating different levels of difficulty. Blue cards feature intermediate questions with simple social or transactional topics; orange cards feature advanced questions designed to elicit explanations, description, narration and reporting; yellow cards feature superior questions in the context of unfamiliar situations, and often require you to support your answer.

Price: $5